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Declare, Discuss, Decide

Have you been frustrated by business meetings that go in circles never reaching a conclusion?  Here is a simple tool that will make decision making more effective.   One of my clients told me that he first experienced this process at IBM.

The first step is to be clear on the decision that needs to be made, such as, “Which of the proposals do we accept?”.  Each leader then declares his or her position at this time, such as “I favor proposal A”. Then the leaders discuss why people favor one proposal over the other.  After everyone thoroughly understands all the factors considered, the group decides which proposal to accept.

The key benefit to this process is knowing where each person stands at the beginning of the discussion.   Effective leadership teams know that “starting positions” will and should change as a result of what is learned through the discussion.  Where ineffective teams spend their time convincing each other,  effective teams use a spirit of inquiry to explore why others think differently.

July 2012: Celebrating 15 years of Transforming Organizations

This July, l will celebrate 15 years of consulting.  As I reflect on my decision to leave what was widely viewed as a plum job as Director, Organization Development at TELUS, I see now the importance and value of listening to your heart.

I love Spencer Johnson’s question, “What would you do if you were not afraid?” from his best seller, “Who Moved my Cheese?”  It did feel scary to leave the security of a pay cheque and benefits, but I have learned there is greater security in building confidence in yourself.  My philosophy has become “Leap and the net will appear”.  The universe does provide, and I have been blessed with great colleagues, wonderful clients and learning opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

This is a time for gratitude, and to pay it forward.  I continue to meet with others who are getting ready to make the leap.  I offer them the words my mentors gave to me: Go For It!

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