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Large Group Facilitation


I love the challenge of designing and facilitating large group processes.  My goal is for all participants to leave feeling they can see their fingerprints in the results – that it mattered that they were there.

Over the years, I have hosted processes such as Future Search, Open Space and World Café, all of which are grounded in whole systems change.   Every large group process requires exquisite planning and preparation, and then the release of control.

Yesterday I hosted a Futures Summit with over 160 participants.  Careful planning around provocative questions, orientation for table hosts, and attention to the layout of the room were key elements to the success of the event.

I am grateful for my many years of theatre training.  I have learned to be sensitive to the shifting energy of participants, improvise when required, and to connect with people’s minds and hearts.   Large group work is facilitation, hosting and theatre, all rolled into one.

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