Fingerprints On My Work

My expertise as a consultant is the result of all my experiences and learning. I owe so much to those who influenced and coached me along the way. Here are some of the strongest fingerprints on my work:

  • Lee Pulos

Early in my career, I managed the Old Spaghetti Factory in Ottawa’s Byward Market. This chain of restaurants was owned by the Pulos brothers. Dr. Lee Pulos is a psychologist and pioneer in the human potential field. He provided my first training programs in leadership and self-awareness.

  • John Jones

John, now deceased, was the co-founder of University Associates, the organization that produced the Annual Handbooks for Group Facilitators. I had the privilege of co-designing a weeklong leadership program with this giant (figuratively and literally) of the training and organization development world. I learned a tremendous amount about group dynamics and the elegance of great design for learning events.

  • Training Certifications

My first training certification was with Development Dimensions International. Other training certifications with Zenger-Miller, Achieve Global and Covey followed quickly afterwards. These certifications gave me a foundation in adult learning and behavioral modeling.

  • Quality

In my years with TELUS, I learned a great deal about total quality management through training from Deltapoint, attendance at quality conferences and participation on process improvement teams. I also had the great privilege to attend training delivered by Dr. Edwards Deming himself. This training forever changed my views about systems and measurement.

  • Facilitation

The Quality world also exposed me to the work of great facilitators such as Ingrid Bens and Peter Scholtes as well as organizations such as Interaction Associates. Their pocket guides and tools became indispensable to me.

  • Dialogue

From my first experience in a dialogue session facilitated by a member of the World Business Academy to training in the Art of Hosting by the Berkana Institute to formal education in Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement from Fielding University, I learned how to facilitate and participate in “conversations that matter”.

Of course, I have also been tremendously influenced by my colleagues and clients who have been generous in sharing their approaches, tools and insights. I am grateful for the fingerprints they have left on my work and my life.

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