Why I love volunteering with TELUS

This past week, I volunteered along with 20,000 other people from across Canada for TELUS Days of Giving, themed this year as #TheGivingEffect. What might surprise you is that I resigned from TELUS almost 20 years ago but still feel tremendously proud to be a TELUS Ambassador. What surprises me is how few companies recognize the competitive advantage of maintaining positive relationships with former employees and retirees.

How does TELUS promote such loyalty and commitment? In my case,
• My resignation was handled well, and I always felt welcome to visit and reapply should I change my mind about consulting. Other companies make it clear that you are persona non grata for leaving the organization.
• TELUS makes it extremely easy to volunteer and stay connected through the TEAM TELUS Cares website and TELUS Ambassador newsletter.
• TELUS amplifies the volunteer work I do by annually matching my charitable donations and providing Dollars for Doers, financial donations to charities based on the hours I volunteer.
• TELUS lives up to its promise of “Giving where we live” with strong local chapters of volunteers and TELUS Community Boards, comprised of local leaders who direct TELUS philanthropic funding to meet local needs.
• TELUS makes me feel valued and appreciated at each volunteer event, not only with t-shirts and refreshments, but also warm welcomes and thanks.

TELUS has received many awards for Community Investment and Social Responsibility, which contribute to TELUS’s reputation as one of Canada’s most admired brands. Doing good in the communities where TELUS employees live and work is part of the TELUS culture and its brand promise – The Future is Friendly ®. Doing good in the community is one way TELUS attracts and retains its customers and employees.

Organizations who ignore or alienate former employees and retirees do so at their own peril. Organizations like TELUS are catapulting ahead, powered by the goodwill and volunteer efforts of armies of former and current team members.
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