150 Thank Yous





July 1, 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday, and the 20th anniversary of my consulting business. It’s time to celebrate and give thanks.

Thank you to my wonderful family for their unconditional support: Gary, Lise, Alexei, Danielle, Dwayne, Mum and Dad.

Thank you to consulting friends who are also colleagues, clients, and mentors:

  • Barb Burton
  • Belinda Austin
  • Brad Harper
  • Brad Nykyforiak
  • Brenda Spilker
  • Bruce Klatt
  • Catherine Heggerud
  • Dan Delaloye
  • Eric Breitkreutz
  • Gail Aller-Stead
  • Gail Cook Johnson
  • Heather Duggan
  • Heather Rutkowski
  • Jack Middleton
  • Janet Hyde
  • Julia Melnyk
  • Leah Von Hagen
  • Margery Knorr
  • Marjorie MacRae
  • Patty Schachter
  • Robyn Baxter
  • Sam Hester
  • Sandra Anderson
  • Sandy Chipchar
  • Stella Cosby
  • Susan Flaherty
  • Susan Robinson
  • Yvonne Beatty

Thank you to my behind the scenes team who help my business grow and thrive:

  • Michael O’Brien, Chartered Accountant. AT Advisory Services Inc.
  • Randy Goertzen, early web design, http://bluebanana.ca
  • Ian McDonald, Lawyer, retired
  • Harold Sookman, remote technical support extraordinaire, http://simplidata.com
  • Doug McLachlan, current web design and support

Thank you to Dave Mowat, CEO ATB Financial for a long and treasured consulting relationship and to his extraordinary right hand person, Doris Stoikopoulus.

And thank you to all my clients who give me the opportunity to learn and support their success:

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