2012 is nearing a close and it is a time for reflection and gratitude.  2012 was an amazing year.  Some of the highlights were:

  • Celebration of 15 years of consulting – Transforming Organizations
  • Work in Mongolia in April and July, including going to the mine site in the Gobi Desert, riding a camel, and going to a Mongolian wedding
  • Having my short article, When is a Cappuccino Not a Cappuccino, published in Quality Progress
  • Six new clients
  • New website

2012 was a year of learning “new-to-me” technology such as WordPress, Base Camp, GoToMeeting, GrabIt and ASANA project management.  It was also a year of deepening and broadening my experience with Art of Hosting methodologies.

So, thank you dear clients for the opportunities to partner and learn with you, and dear associates and partners for your support and constant raising the bar.

Look out 2013!  Here we come!

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