Client Testimonials


Diane is a very skilled and resourceful facilitator especially for strategic planning sessions. Unlike many facilitators who want to do things their way or use the engagement as an opportunity to generate future work, Diane delivers on the goals that you set out and within the time and budget available. You can count on her to offer suggestions on the best way to achieve your goals and to build rapport and active participation by all attendees. She is articulate, focussed and committed to your success.

Sue Bohaichuk
Chief Executive Officer
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

Diane is a real professional. Her main work with us involved a Sustainability Study and Report and both were very well done. But her personal, open approach, demonstrated at all times -in workshops with the Board and with Management, as well as our one-on-ones – this is what sets her apart as a first class, competent consultant!

Pat Pellegrino
General Manager and C.E.O.
Calgary HandiBus

Diane has facilitated strategic planning with our national board on two occasions. During those sessions she was open to questions but at the same time kept our group on task which resulted in great documentation and a positive feeling from the group on the entire process.

Shaun Thorson
Skills/Compétences Canada

Diane faciltated a session for our group of around 20 people. We had another person lined up that had to cancel just a few days prior to the date. Diane jumped right in, researched our mission, quickly interviewed key stakeholders and beautifully facilitated the day. She was skilled, open to discussion, engaged positively with the group and produced a well written document that was very well received by the participants. I have kept her contact information and will be contracting with her again!

Luanne Whitmarsh
Kerby Centre

Diane was able to skillfully guide our board through a strategic planning day with a high degree of insight into board governance and dynamics. I was impressed with her ability to quickly understand our future goals and the not-for-profit function the society delivers.

Michelle Colleton
Job Safety Skills Society

Strategic Planning…Two words that terrify! Diane was able to alleviate our fears and open the doors to focused discussion. Within the first hour we were well on our way to a workable plan that didn’t terrify; it mobilized our team!

Annette Bright
Campus Stores Canada

Diane facilitated a Strategic Planning session for our Provincial Council and senior leadership team and we were very pleased with her process and approach. Her excellent leadership and facilitation skills ensured that the goals of the session were achieved and, as a result of her thorough summary report, we were able to move forward in our planning. Prior to the session, she provided expert advice and support to the planning team, gathered information on our organization to advise the work and then conducted a session that was efficient without feeling rushed. Participants were very positive about both the process and the results.

Dianne Dyer
College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

Diane is a performer. She grasps the most challenging business issues with ease, and converts the challenge into an opportunity. She is methodical, determined and takes on each project like it is her only worry – getting the job done and getting results. I am pleased to recommend her.

Wellington Holbrook
Executive VP, Business and Agriculture
ATB Financial

Our organization has hired Diane on multiple occasions for significant projects. Diane’s strategic planning and facilitation skills were critical to the projects’ success. Without her ability to encourage participants to think out of the box, our organization would not have seen the gains in outcomes. Her work on our strategic planning process was highlighted by stakeholders as one of the most successful for the organization. I would invite Diane back to our organization in a heartbeat!

Catherine Heggerud
Assistant Vice President, Strategy and Credit Union Engagement
Credit Union Central Alberta

Diane provided the facilitation and planning of Kids Cancer Care’s Board Planning Retreat. She was brought on as a consultant “late in the day” but was able to provide the pre-meeting survey and evaluation to the Board on-time. She was expert at the facilitation and kept Board on track and on time. Her follow up executive summary and full memory notes were comprehensive and reflected the action-based outcomes accurately. Our Board was very impressed with her work, both before and during the retreat. We would be very happy to request that Diane work for us again.

Christine McIver
Chief Executive Officer
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Diane worked with our organization as a facilitator in the development of a good neighbour agreement with local community groups.  Her guidance of the negotiation process was extremely valuable.  With her assistance our organization was able to discuss sometimes difficult and sensitive issues in a productive and positive way with our neighbours.  Diane set a tone of mutual respect during the negotiation sessions, and ensured that the viewpoints from each group were represented in the crafting of the agreement.  At the conclusion of the process we are extremely happy with the agreement document and Diane’s work in its creation.

James Clark
Chair of the Board
Calgary John Howard Society

Diane is ahead of her time. She is on a mission to ensure companies understand the power of people which includes building trust, empowerment and engagement. Diane is a thought leader who can help guide leaders and companies on where to spend their time and effort in regard to people programs but also in terms of their strategic plan. Diane understands the balance needed between people programs and where the business needs to go to be successful. Overall, Diane is a pleasure to work with but also an outstanding mentor for ALL levels of an organization from the Board room to the front line.

Shane Sabatino
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
The Brick Warehouse

I have worked with numerous facilitators over the years and I have found Diane to be one of the top talents in that business. What I appreciated most was her thorough preparation, her knowledge of tools and approaches to move issues along, her judgment in knowing when the right time is to stop a discussion and most importantly her willingness to treat everyone in the room the same way creating an atmosphere where everyone feels their opinion will be heard.

Bob Mac Dougall
Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer
Vermilion Resources Ltd.

Diane MacDonald has led and facilitated the Department of Surgery’s retreats and strategic planning sessions for many years. These meetings have consistently achieved the desired goals and objectives. Many of the issues addressed have been challenging yet broad consensus and resolution have become the norm. The Department has every confidence in Diane’s abilities and experience.

Dr. John Kortbeek
Clinical Department HeadDepartment of Surgery
Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone

One of Diane’s strongest skills is listening. Her work to shape strategies and gain consensus comes from listening to her clients rather than imposing her opinions…unless of course you ask for them. She is also willing to tell you what you might not want to hear which I find very valuable and not always forthcoming from a consultant.

Dave Mowat
President and CEO
ATB Financial

Our experience with Diane was one of the most inspiring I’ve had. Not only was she able to quickly get up-to-speed on our key issues, but her ability to manage our group was incredible to watch and learn from. The pre-work that was done, the follow-up afterwards … I’ve never felt so supported by an external consultant, and I would recommend Diane to anyone who wants an expert at the helm!

Sharon DiCesare
SVP, Culture
SilverBirch Hotels

Diane provided excellent support for our team building and strategic planning sessions. She took time to learn about our organization and what we wanted to gain from these sessions. She facilitated our work without taking over our process. She was professional and delivered the service she promised.

Senior Management Team
Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission for the NWT & NU

Diane is an extremely gifted facilitator who consistently exceeds our expectations. She keeps the sessions focused and the teams are amazed at how much they accomplish under her guidance and direction. While her style is gentle and unobtrusive, she also handles tough situations very well and challenges people and teams to stretch. Diane does her homework so that she is prepared for the team she is working with. She builds relationships with people easily and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Leah Von Hagen
VP, HR and Capability Development
Rio Tinto

Diane’s excellent facilitation brought together the group which not only was diverse in functional responsibilities, but also culturally diverse with individuals from North America, Australia, Africa, Russia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Language barriers were overcome and the learning experience is still being talked about within the company. Diane’s approach and skillful ways of facilitating were a major contributor to the success of the Summit.

Don Ritz
Senior Vice President, Safety and Leadership
Barrick Gold Corporation

I have worked with hundreds of facilitators during my career, and Diane is in the top five.

Clement Doore
President and Chief Executive Officer
Siksika Resource Developments Ltd.

With our external business focus and internal structure changing so quickly, we needed to know whether our existing culture was capable of the new requirements. Diane was able to identify the key areas for discussion, and facilitate how we could achieve each element. The groundwork has been set and our culture roadmap has been created. We met our objectives, and it was fun!

Stephen Knight
Vice President, Credit & Loyalty Management
Hudson’s Bay Company (Hbc)

Diane facilitated a very complex Executive Service Workshop for Brisbane City Council, involving over 60 senior managers seeking a major change in direction. Her careful attention to planning and keen interest in what her customers sought from the process characterized her approach. The workshops ran smoothly, with a thoughtful structure that facilitated debate and helped us achieve our goals. Diane did not intervene where not necessary, but gently prodded us towards our outcomes.
Rob Carter
former CEO
Brisbane City Council
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