Culture Change

Is your corporate culture helping or hurting your organization’s success? A strategic corporate culture aligned with your business strategy is a triple win for your customers, employees and shareholders.

Our projects range from developing principle-based codes of conduct to culture diagnosis and change planning.


  • Alignment of culture with business strategy
  • Cultural due diligence prior to mergers, acquisitions and alliances
  • Corporate values clarification
  • Culture change roadmaps and metrics
  • Executive and leadership coaching to lead cultural change

Approach and Credentials

  • Led a multi-year culture change in one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies
  • Training including
    • Culture-Strategy Fit suite of tools
    • Organizational culture assessment tools
    • Values instruments
    • Certified in Lominger’s Organizational Cultribute Architect Builder™

Client Experience

With our external business focus and internal structure changing so quickly, we needed to know whether our existing culture was capable of the new requirements. Diane was able to identify the key areas for discussion, and facilitate how we could achieve each element. The groundwork has been set and our culture roadmap has been created. We met our objectives, and it was fun!

Stephen Knight
Senior Vice President, Credit & Loyalty Management
Hudson’s Bay Company (Hbc)


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