July 2012: Celebrating 15 years of Transforming Organizations

This July, l will celebrate 15 years of consulting.  As I reflect on my decision to leave what was widely viewed as a plum job as Director, Organization Development at TELUS, I see now the importance and value of listening to your heart.

I love Spencer Johnson’s question, “What would you do if you were not afraid?” from his best seller, “Who Moved my Cheese?”  It did feel scary to leave the security of a pay cheque and benefits, but I have learned there is greater security in building confidence in yourself.  My philosophy has become “Leap and the net will appear”.  The universe does provide, and I have been blessed with great colleagues, wonderful clients and learning opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

This is a time for gratitude, and to pay it forward.  I continue to meet with others who are getting ready to make the leap.  I offer them the words my mentors gave to me: Go For It!

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